Your holiday home: an undiscovered treasure?

Scandinavian Hospitality is here to relieve you from any work to rent out your property and increase your earnings to the maximum capacities. If you are using your holiday home only parts of the year, there is a great opportunity for you to put your home in the hands of experts and earn a great amount of money without putting in much effort yourself.
Scandinavian Hospitality brings years of experience, systems and processes, and an extensive level of industry connections to be of benefit for your beautiful property.

What we do

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry we have a vast amount of expertise to offer on several levels. But most simply, why we do what we do, is to create the amazing feeling of a beautiful vacation home available to more people worldwide while increasing revenues for you by representing your property through all the right channels at the right price.

We understand the importance of the safety and security of your property and know how to deliver on professional service to represent your property in the best way.

Below three aspects explain in short what we would deliver on when using our property management services.

Earn money without lifting a finger

We will do the work for you. From marketing efforts, pricing strategies, guest contact, final cleaning, all administration work and payments. We will make sure you are renting out your home as effectively as possible with as minimal effort necessary from your side. This literally means earning money while doing near to nothing.

We provide peace of mind for you

We complete background checks on guests and keep an eye on your home during the rental period, all to give your property the security it deserves.

Your home will also automatically be insured through our insurance with Omocom, which is the best insurance company for holiday rentals in the Nordics.

We connect your home to the right guests

Together with a revenue specialised company, we keep focus on attracting the right target markets, keep track of trends in new markets, and uprising interests for your specific destination.

We will make sure your property is represented on several booking channels to maximise your reach, and take care of all promotional aspects for your property both online and offline.

Did we catch your interest?

Reach out to us directly on +46 722 00 4708 or at and we are happy to discuss the possibilities!